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Abiraterone is a new generation drug used in prostate cancer. The essence of the drug is that it organizes the process of suppressing the CYP17 enzyme required for androgen biosynthesis.

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Abiraterone Acetate

About medicine
Abiraterone (abiraterone) is a new generation drug used in prostate cancer. The essence of the drug is that it organizes the process of suppressing the CYP17 enzyme required for androgen biosynthesis. Androgens are hormones that are responsible for the development and maintenance of male sexual characteristics. Androgens also promote tumor growth. In the treatment of androgen-sensitive prostate cancer, orchidectomy is used, or luliberin agonists, but with these treatment methods, there is a decrease in hormone synthesis only in the testicles, whereas Abiraterone inhibits biosynthesis in both testicles and adrenal glands and in the tumor itself, thereby inhibiting biosynthesis in all 3 sources.
In studies of the effectiveness of Abiraterone, 1195 patients participated. Therapy with the use of abiraterone and prednisolone helped to reduce the risk of mortality among patients by 35%, and overall survival increased by 3.9 months. In addition, the drug contributed to the reduction of pain symptoms in a larger number of respondents than in the placebo group. Buy Abiraterone Acetate Price Abiraterone India

 Medication use
Inside It is recommended to avoid chewing or breaking tablets. The recommended dose is 1 g / day along with prednisone or prednisolone (at a dose of 10 mg / day). Reception Abiraterone should be carried out 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal. It should also be no less than an hour after taking the drug to refrain from eating, since food intake contributes to a significant increase in abiraterone absorption. You can not reduce the intervals between receptions. In case of skipping a dose, it does not need to be replenished.
If signs of hepatotoxicity occur, use of abiraterone should be discontinued. The resumption of therapy is possible with the normalization of the relevant indicators. This may require a dose reduction of 500 mg / day. If hepatotoxicity develops with reduced doses, treatment with Abiraterone is no longer possible. Abiraterone is contraindicated in the case of the development of severe forms of hepatoxicity.
There is no need to adjust the dose in patients with mild hepatic or mild / moderate renal failure.

 special instructions
Required studies:
- Before the appointment of Abiraterone, every 2 weeks during the first 3 months of treatment, and after - every month you need to regularly measure the activity of serum transaminases and the concentration of bilirubin.
- Monthly monitor the following indicators: blood pressure, potassium concentration in the blood, the degree of fluid retention in the body.
In patients with cardiovascular diseases, abiraterone should be used with caution. There are no data on the use of Abiraterone in patients with LVEF less than 50% and in heart failure of the III-IV functional class. During therapy with this drug, high blood pressure, hypokalemia, fluid retention may occur. Before prescribing the drug, it is necessary to eliminate hypokalemia and arterial hypertension.
There is no information about the presence in the semen of abiraterone or its metabolites. Despite this, in the treatment of Abiraterone, you must use reliable methods of contraception. If abiraterone gets into the body of a pregnant woman, it can adversely affect the development of the fetus. Women of childbearing age, pregnant women should carry out work with the drug only in gloves.
There is no information about the effect of Abiraterone on the ability to conceive.
The abolition of prednisone or prednisolone can cause a failure of the function of the adrenal cortex, as well as symptoms of an excess mineralocorticoid. If stressful situations occur during the administration of prednisone or prednisone, an increased dose of glucocorticosteroids may be required.
With caution, Abiraterone is used in patients who simultaneously receive drugs that are metabolized through the CYP2D6 system, especially for drugs with a narrow therapeutic index. It is necessary to use caution abiraterone in combination with strong inhibitors of the isoenzyme CYP3A4.
When appointing Abiraterone to persons with a lactase deficiency, lactose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption, caution should be exercised. Buy Abiraterone Acetate for the price directly from the manufacturer, without mediation. Abiraterone price from the manufacturer India.

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