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Erlotinib - a drug that prevents the formation and growth of cancer cells. This process is due to the effect of erlotinib on the growth factor receptor HER1 / EGFR. 

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Erlotinib - a drug that prevents the formation and growth of cancer cells. This process is due to the effect of erlotinib on the growth factor receptor HER1 / EGFR. Erlotinib inhibits the activity of the tyrosine kinase enzyme present in the receptor, helps to block the transmission of bioinformation in the tumor cell, thus delaying its functioning and reproduction. These studies suggest that Erlotinib prolongs the life of patients with metastatic lung cancer such as NSCLC by 42% (compared to the placebo group), and also helps to reduce the symptoms associated with this disease (cough, shortness of breath, pain). Another advantage of the drug is that it is taken orally. Buy Erlotinib Price Erlotinib

Inside The frequency of admission - 1 time per day for an hour before or 2 hours after meals.
In non-small cell lung cancer, the recommended dose of the drug is 150 mg / day.
In pancreatic cancer, the dose is 100 mg. At the same time, the drug is taken for dividing time in combination with gemcitabine.
If during the use of Erlotinib in a patient the progression of the disease is noted, and also intolerable toxicity develops, then therapy with the use of Erlotinib should be discontinued. Revision of further therapy is possible if during the treatment of Tarcer pancreatic cancer, a patient does not develop a rash for 4-8 weeks.
A dose reduction is possible if, together with Tarceva, the patient takes substrates or modulators of the CYP3A4 isoenzyme.
With care, Erlotinib is used in patients with mild and moderately impaired liver function. In this case, the drug can be administered in reduced doses. Patients with severe liver dysfunction drug is contraindicated. There is no data on the use of Erlotinib in patients with ALT and AST activity more than 5 times higher than VGN.
Erlotinib is not indicated in patients with severe renal failure. There is no need to adjust the dose in patients with mild and moderate degree of renal dysfunction.
The maximum tolerated dose in smoking patients suffering from non-small cell lung cancer is 300 mg. Smoking helps to reduce the exposure of the active substance of the drug by 50-60%. Buy Erlotinib directly from India without intermediation. Price Erlotinib from the manufacturer!

Before prescribing Erlotinib in patients with non-small cell lung cancer who have not previously received chemotherapy, it is necessary to conduct an examination for the presence of the L858R mutation in exon 21 or deletions in exon 19 of the EGFR gene.
In some cases, Erlotinib was accompanied by the development of patients with solid malignant IZL-like symptoms (including fatalities). The percentage of these cases is small - 0.6%. The occurrence of such an undesirable effect was usually caused by aggravating factors: concomitant or previously conducted chemotherapy, radiation therapy, parenchymal lung disease, metastatic lung disease or infection. In the case of the development of new, as well as the development of unexplained pulmonary symptoms (shortness of breath, cough, fever) therapy with the use of Erlotinib should be suspended. When confirming the diagnosis of ISL, further reception of Erlotinib is impossible.
Reception of Erlotinib may be accompanied by moderate or severe diarrhea. In this case, you must assign loperamide, possibly reducing the dose. If diarrhea proceeds in a severe and / or stable form, nausea, vomiting, anorexia occurs, Tarceva's treatment should be stopped, it is necessary to rehydrate. In some cases, the development of hypokalemia and renal failure (including fatal) was noted.
In patients with a high risk of dehydration, it is necessary to monitor blood electrolytes, including potassium, as well as kidney function.
In some cases, therapy with the use of Erlotinib led to the occurrence of liver failure (including fatal). It is necessary during the entire course of treatment to monitor liver function, this instruction is especially important for patients with concomitant liver diseases or for patients who receive hypotoxic drugs. In the case of the development of severe liver damage, further administration of Erlotinib is impossible.
Erlotinib increases the risk of gastrointestinal perforation. During the studies, several cases of gastrointestinal perforation were recorded, sometimes leading to the death of the patient. Those at the same time who are receiving anti-angiogenic drugs, GCS, NSAIDs or undergoing chemotherapy on the basis of taxanes, as well as patients with peptic ulcer or diverticular disease can be considered an increased risk group. With perforation of the digestive tract further Erlotinib reception is not possible.
With the development of severe bullous, exfoliative skin lesions, therapy with the use of Erlotinib must be stopped or stopped.
Treatment Tarceva suspend or stop in the event of acute ophthalmic symptoms: pain in the eye, worsening of chronic ophthalmic diseases. Buy Erlotinib Price Erlotinib India

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