7 Essential Steps to Highlighting Achievements on Your CV Effectively

The Significance of Highlighting Achievements on Your CV

In the fiercely competitive job arena, simply listing your skills and experiences on your CV doesn’t cut it anymore. The key to standing out is highlighting achievements on your CV. This offers potential employers a sneak peek into your capabilities and what you could contribute to their organization.

The Role of Achievements in a CV

Achievements are integral elements of your CV as they validate your skills and abilities beyond routine tasks. They present concrete proof of your competencies, making you a more appealing prospect for potential employers.

Achievements Versus Responsibilities

Responsibilities outline your expected role while achievements underline your actual contributions. They demonstrate how you added value to your previous employers, which is what future employers are keen to know.

Determining Your Achievements

Finding your achievements can be difficult, particularly if you don’t view yourself as an “achiever”. However, remember, achievements are not limited to awards or recognitions; they include situations where you made a significant impact.

Evaluating Your Impact

Consider your previous roles and responsibilities. Where did you make a difference? Did you boost sales or enhance processes? These instances constitute your achievements.

Numerical Representation of Your Achievements

Whenever feasible, represent your achievements numerically. For example, instead of stating “boosted sales”, specify “boosted sales by 20%”. This provides employers with a clear understanding of your capabilities.

Articulating Your Achievements on Your CV

After identifying your achievements, the next step is to express them effectively on your CV. Here’s how:

Employ Action Verbs

Initiate each achievement with an action verb. This infuses your CV with dynamism and makes it more captivating. For example, instead of writing “responsible for boosting sales”, state “Pioneered a novel marketing strategy that boosted sales by 20%”.

Maintain Specificity

Avoid ambiguous statements. Be precise about what you accomplished, how you accomplished it, and the outcomes. This provides potential employers with a clear understanding of your achievements.

Align Your Achievements with the Job Specifications

Ensure that your achievements correspond with the job for which you’re applying. If the job demands leadership skills, highlight achievements that display these skills.

Illustrations of Achievements Across Different Sectors

To help you comprehend what achievements look like in various sectors, here are some examples:


  • Surpassed sales targets by 30% in the initial quarter.
  • Acquired 10 new high-value clients within a half-year period.


  • Initiated a social media drive that escalated website traffic by 40%.
  • Applied SEO tactics that elevated website ranking on Google from the third page to the first.


  • Designed a new software that enhanced business processes by 50%.
  • Addressed 90% of tech issues within the first call, improving customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

highlighting achievements on your CV

Emphasizing achievements on your CV is a potent tool to demonstrate your worth to potential employers. It sets you apart from other applicants and exhibits your potential. Therefore, invest time in identifying and effectively articulating your achievements on your CV. Your job hunt will be grateful. For more guidance, check out our step guide crafting captivating resume ultimate strategy.

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